Company Spotlight: East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

Just weeks before the release of Lancashire Business View’s 100th issue, we’re delighted to look back at our first ever issue from March 2005 and speak with some of the advertisers that have been with us along the journey.

East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, advertiser since the first issue, works across Pennine Lancashire for the economic benefit of their members businesses and the wider business community.

Miranda Barker, chief executive officer of East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce shares her experience working with Lancashire Business View over the years.

LBV: How did your business first get involved with Lancashire Business View magazine?

MB: We’ve always been a keen supporter of Lancashire Business View and a partner of theirs in communicating the best that Lancashire has to offer to the wider world.

LBV: What changes have you seen in the Lancashire business community since being involved with Lancashire Business View when it started in 2005?

MB: The Lancashire business community has continued to develop its excellence in advanced manufacturing, sending globally leading products around the world in the automotive, aerospace, nuclear and now low carbon fields, whilst offering high quality financial and professional services, tourism opportunities and spectacular food and drink firms. An extremely diverse and high-quality business opportunity surrounded by amazing countryside.

LBV: How has your business changed in this time?

MB: The Chamber has continued to grow and develop along with its surrounding business community, becoming experts in the fields of international trade, commercial business training and low carbon business support and consultancy. Our support for our members has built and built, helping them do business together, magnify their voice to government and culminating in our excellent Diamond Ambassador’s patrons offer, embracing the most forward thinking and dynamic businesses from across the county. We have an amazing team of employees, all experts in their fields, some of whom have been with us since before Lancashire Business View was born.

LBV: Do you feel Lancashire Business View benefits Lancashire? And if so, how?

MB: Lancashire still has a huge job to do to effectively communicate its excellent economic success and wonderful business stories regionally within the Northern Powerhouse and across the whole of UK. Lancashire Business View plays a huge part in that positive communication of Lancashire’s economic significance and potential for the future.

LBV: How do you feel that your involvement with Lancashire Business View has benefited your business?

MB: Having the opportunity to showcase what we do, publicise our members’ superb stories and communicate their opinions to regional and national politicians is of huge value to us.

LBV: Do you have any words of advice for businesses who may be looking to get involved with Lancashire Business View in the future?

MB: We would encourage any business to be a part of Lancashire Business View’s communications - to publicise not only what their business does, but the things that are important to them for their firm and their local economic community.

Since the magazine launched in 2005, it has steadily grown and become a trusted source of news and advice for Lancashire’s business community.

Businesses interested in advertising in the 100th issue of Lancashire Business View, with the opportunity to share your business with our 50,000 readers, can get in touch with commercial director, Stephen Bolton on or 07966 090175.

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