Company formations

Patrick HamillIn keeping in tune with the football theme, it’s appropriate to consider the formation of your business and how analysis may blend in with your company. In my opinion, business reflects the beautiful game in so many ways.

Consider this analogy:
A typical 4-4-2 formation naturally includes a goalkeeper, four defensive, four passing and two offensive players. But how does analysis fit into this?

Just in the manner that OPTA stats evaluate footballers, corporate analysis offers the same to businesses. Simply imagine a typical formation and substitute the following positions to suit your business.

My personal preference is:

Cash Flow
Research • Expertise • Leadership • Resources
Employees • Marketing • Advertising • Quality
Price/Sales • Product/Service

It can be seen from the example above that cash flow needs protection via a strong unit in leadership and expertise. However, price and product supported by employees and quality form a partnership that should create revenue from the opposing cash flow (i.e. your customers). In doing so, you climb the league table above your competitors.

Many businesses under-perform from time to time, just as footballers do. Analysing businesses illustrates its weaknesses in order to enhance the team, but that needs to be supported via sound business practise and decision-making.

We hear managers piping on about luck being a vital part of the game. However, I personally believe you can make your own luck and in doing so you can do no wrong in contacting me to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to see how we, as a team, can promote your business to the next level.

Patrick Hamill, managing director, PH Corporate Analysis.