Community-minded accountants supports clients and peers

Brown & Co, the fast-growing and dynamic firm of chartered accountants, has grown by 33 per cent since the start of the pandemic, recruiting five new team members.

The majority of the Brown & Co team are qualified accountants and all have a real drive to help the people and businesses they work with.

The business keeps itself at the forefront of technology and is now a 100 per cent digital firm. By helping clients utilise technology to scale their business and increase their efficiency, business owners are able to focus on the important stuff that really matters.

The firm purposely works with a small number of clients to maintain closer relationships with them, providing a higher quality service and ensuring it is delivered much more responsively. The client list features many multi-million-pound turnover businesses.

Brown & Co has focused on adding value to businesses, particularly through providing advisory services, such as business growth and funding.

Fostering productive partnerships

Chris Brown, managing director, says: “More than ever, businesses need clarity over how they can achieve growth, or how to scale up. We show them where they are now, where they could get to, and then create a clear action plan together. It sounds simple, and it is, but it’s surprising that the majority of businesses just don’t have a written plan.

“We then measure and monitor the results of that plan through monthly meetings with those businesses and hold them accountable. Studies have shown that those with written down goals and held accountable to them, achieved 70 per cent more than those who didn’t.

SMEs are four times more likely to secure funding when working with their accountant

“Also, as part of achieving that growth, those businesses need access to funding, and as accountants we are closer to the business than any other professional adviser, so we are best placed to help them through the various products and lenders out there.

“SMEs are four times more likely to secure funding when working with their accountant, so we see this as a crucial service we can offer.”

As a result, Brown & Co has helped businesses obtain funding of £941,000 in the last 12 months alone. This has not only given those business owners peace of mind but has helped fuel their growth plans. They are in the process of raising an additional £1m for some of their other clients.

Chris also brings his tax experience to the table after many years in the corporate tax world at KPMG, one of the Big4 firms. The team has also adopted this Big4 mindset and is proactive when it comes to spotting opportunities to reduce tax. All with a personal touch.

In just the last few years alone, they have saved their clients over £500,000 in tax, through a variety of means, such as R&D tax claims, restructuring and other forms of tax planning.

At the heart of the business community

The team are big advocates of supporting the local community and wider Lancashire area. Brown & Co is partnered with Boost, Lancashire’s Growth Hub so that it can direct businesses to the additional services they provide. The firm is also a member of the Responsible Business Network, a network focused on helping children prepare for the workplace and helping long-term unemployed people back into work.

Brown & Co also recently became a ICAEW training office, so that it can train and develop the next generation of chartered accountants locally.

Chris has recently been appointed to the ICAEW Lancashire and South Lakes committee as practice representative.

He says: “It’s encouraging to see how the profession is developing a new breed of accountants who aren’t afraid to collaborate with each other, so I’ll be building on this by strengthening existing relationships and developing new ones.”

Brown & Co are not stuffy traditional accountants, they are a firm of the future.

They are on a mission to do good. Improving the lives of business owners, giving them a better business, and ultimately a better life for their family and team.