Communications provider aims to unify Lancashire business

The world of mobile communications over the last 30 years has revolutionised the way we work, and whilst many providers of business mobile communications have come and gone, one constant in the provision of service and support to the East Lancashire business community is Unified World Communications.

Founded 28 years ago under the name of Neil Howard Telecoms, Unified World Communications has a rich history of trading in Lancashire, and whilst they have evolved and gone through a rebrand they still uphold their beliefs about trading locally first and foremost, and are still able to claim that their very first customer, Peter Street of The Cardboard Box Company, remains on their books

Director Howard Jones said: “Quite simply we’re an SME who wants to look after other SMEs. We want local business because we are local and that helps us to be more agile.

“I’ve always been a great believer in sticking and working together without fragmenting things. There is a huge amount of business here without going elsewhere and we’ve always made a conscious effort to work with and support as many businesses in the area as we can, and the Hive business leaders’ network is a great facilitator to this. “Unfortunately what we do find more and more is that the loyalty factor can go out the window with price. There is no loyalty to brand anymore, however businesses need to look beyond the price and consider the added value that the smaller operators can offer.”

Howard is spearheading a new vision for Unified World Communications to make businesses more efficient, flexible and profitable. He explained: “Our initial vision was to try and take away the fear factor of technology for people. That vision has changed over the past few years with the rise of tablets, smartphones and data connections meaning you can work anywhere in the world.


“We now work with businesses to help them get the best out of their communications and data. “We don’t just look at our own product set, but pull together a solution to make a business better and more profitable. “I want to educate people that there’s value to a product and a price to pay, but it helps you work smarter and, in turn, gives higher margins across our clients’ business. “Some people see communications as an ignorant cost when they should see it as an enabler. We are constantly selling the concept of working better and smarter, anywhere, with good communications making business more flexible.”