Communication matters

Communication matters. That’s really been brought home to me over the months since I’ve taken up my post as director of Themis (the apprenticeships and business training arm of Burnley College).

It’s been a learning curve for me, even though I’ve been employed at the college for many years, heading the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Excellence.

I’ve been amazed by the conversations I’ve heard and been involved in – across Themis and the Lancashire business community – and gained some remarkable insights into what makes our county the industrial powerhouse it is.

In these conversations, led by employers large and small, in a diverse range of sectors, one thing has struck me: time and time again, the same topics come up. It turns out we’re all facing the same barriers to business growth and efficiency.

And, what’s more, I’ve realised the answers are already out there – if we talk about them.

That’s why I’m pledging to help initiate those conversations which will find those answers: to bring businesses together to share solutions and let others know what works for them. 

The answers are already out there – if we talk about them.

Communication matters – and who doesn’t relish the chance to network with others in similar job roles, gain a little inspiration and bring something new back to the workplace?

Let’s face it … this isn’t a new idea. Just look at Burnley Bondholders. They’ve just celebrated their 10th anniversary and, wow, what a difference they’ve made.

Some of the best business brains and innovators gathering to create a brilliant future for our amazing town. It’s worked. Burnley’s on the map through the power of communicating great ideas and businesses sharing what works.

That’s why, I’m facilitating a series of forums and networking gatherings (hosted initially at Themis) to take the organisational pressure off already-busy professionals; help individual businesses discover the answers to many queries and create a shared focus. We’ve already seen some leaders in the engineering and construction industries meet, as well as HR professionals and seeing their subsequent success is truly inspirational. Watch this space for more!

Lancashire’s business community is expanding – and there’s no sign of this stopping anytime soon. Communication will become even more important as we grow.


It was in February that I created my first-ever piece for Lancashire Business View - and what a different place the world is now!

In that pre-Covid-19 lockdown life which seems such a long time ago now, I banged the drum for businesses communicating sharing great ideas and supporting each other.

That's never been so important as it is now.  We can't meet up. So let's start the conversation online in virtual meetings.

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