Climate change drives green goals

Climate change is a growing concern for many and more businesses are looking at ways they can become more sustainable.

But with so much information about what it means to be a green business or how to improve sustainability credentials, it’s important to understand what this terminology actually means before putting it into practice.

To support businesses with their green goals NatWest has created a ‘Climate Hub’ which features tips, insights and tools aiming to help all UK SMEs act now to tackle climate change, by reducing emissions and unlocking green growth opportunities.

It brings together resources, products and services that address some of the gaps identified in NatWest’s A Springboard to Sustainability report, as well as educating SMEs around the financial benefits of transitioning towards Net Zero.

Our relationship managers and directors provide expert support on climate issues thanks to specialist training. We are also collaborating with LEPs, universities, climate experts and other organisations to develop and embed strategies to address climate change. This cross-collaboration is vital to ensuring the needs of local businesses are met while also addressing bigger issues related to climate.

Local LEPs and business support organisations can provide information about going greener and help connect local businesses with each other.

Sometimes it’s simply a case of connecting with someone who has already done what you want to do and sharing best practice to gain the insight you need to put sustainable measures in place.

Making sustainable changes can make good business sense as some businesses have saved money by improving energy efficiency.

Many banks and funders, including NatWest, have launched green loan financing for small businesses which may enable businesses to invest in solar panels, electric vehicles, or heat pumps on commercial buildings.

These new propositions are designed to open up opportunities for sustainable growth options for qualifying SMEs and reflect the societal benefit of delivering climate action.