Clearing up the confusion: Cloud computing demystified

Change can be unsettling for some, but nobody ever moved forward by living the past! As more and more businesses are choosing to migrate into the Cloud, it’s fast becoming clear that our future will be heavily involved in this revolutionary service whether we want it to or

With this in mind, in order to shed some light on some of the services offered by Cloud Computing, we have compiled a list of informative facts to help explain the monumental benefits your business can receive by investing in a Cloud solution.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a feature that enables users to access their software online on a pay-as-you-use basis. As well as adding flexibility to your company, business crucial apps such as, Google Apps, Office 365, Campaign Monitor and Survey Monkey can be used in any location at any time via the web.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the perfect solution for software developers looking for a secure, data-centre hosted platform to build applications from any location without the threat of loss, damage or theft.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) succeeds in removing in house IT maintenance costs by hosting your IT Infrastructure into the cloud (we call this virtualization). Market-leading providers of IaaS include VMware and Rackspace, both of which Denwa are now in official partnership with.

It’s not as new as you think. Though it may seem like a new phenomenon, enterprise-level businesses have been hosting their servers and software applications in the Cloud for years. However, thanks to the recent rise in availability and decrease in price of high speed internet, SMEs can now benefit from this corporate grade service, too.

Low outlay cost. Saving you money from the very beginning, Cloud Computing offers a low set up fee and flexible approach to billing, meaning even the smallest of businesses can benefit from the service without paying through the nose.

99% uptime guaranteed. Ever wondered how much it costs your business when your email goes down, when your sage accounts software fails or when your server hardware goes on the blink? Fear not. Cloud based apps such as Salesforce CRM or Hosted Exchange guarantee 99% uptime.

Watch your Backup. By using Denwa Cloud Backup, you can reduce your file storage costs by up to 20 times as much and ensure that your important files can be instantly recovered should disaster ever strike.

Widen your accessibility. Being able to access your server, CRM, software and applications from any location with an internet connection means that productivity no longer restricted to a set location. You and your employees have the freedom to go wherever you please without losing connection to the business.

Bring BYOD to your business. The best work comes from using tools you are most comfortable with. At Denwa, we run our cloud apps on everything from Android Smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, laptops and more!

Consider your migration plan. Before taking that first step towards a brighter future, think carefully about which areas of your business you find most concerning. Once you have them all noted down, contact a reputable Cloud provider such as Denwa and together we can structure a plan that works best for you.

Interested in learning more? As a company that has achieved much of its success on the back of Cloud Computing, we are living proof that it really works and will gladly demonstrate how your company can benefit from this service free of charge. If you wish to discuss matters further, please do not hesitate to call us on 0330 333 7323 and we’ll do our best to answer any of your queries.