Clarity Wireless completes prestigious projects

Blackpool-based Clarity Wireless has completed a trio of prestigious Wi-Fi projects via its partnership with portable hotel business, Snoozebox.

[caption id="attachment_24290" align="f-align-medium-right f-align-center" width="300"]Richard Summers Richard Summers[/caption]

Clarity Wireless has provided Wi-Fi networks for the recent G8 summit, world famous 24 hour endurance race Le Mans and the Hay literature and arts festival. It delivered the projects in conjunction with SCS Technologies.

Snoozebox, which has former F1 driver David Coulthard as its president, is a new innovation in temporary hotel accommodation. Offering flexible configurations from 40 to 400 rooms, it can be transported easily to any event location and fully operational within 48 hours.

Richard Summers, managing director of Infinium IT’s Clarity Wireless brand said: “To be involved in delivering these projects for Snoozebox at such prestigious events is a significant coup for us as we look to expand our offering in the hospitality and leisure industry.

“Our customisable, cloud based Guest Management System software allows us to deploy anywhere in the world, whilst maintaining secure guest authentication and full support, which is critical for key events such as the G8 summit. “The collaboration we have with Snoozebox is highly effective as our business models complement each other’s perfectly and we are proud to be associated with the business.”