Chorley's new state-of-the-art gym

We’re delighted to announce that, after designing and building their website, we are continuing to work with Chorley’s new state of the art fitness centre.

Keeping yourself fit and in good shape is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. However, finding the right gym with the best equipment and services isn’t always an easy task. If you have been moving from gym to gym looking for the best fitness training facility without any luck, we have good news for you. Body Culture, in Chorley, is now open and ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and it’s so much more than just a gym.

Below are just a few of the excellent fitness services Body Culture offer to their members:

Bridging the gap between personal training and gym membership

Body Culture understand that joining a gym is one thing, but knowing how to use it effectively and safely is another. At Body Culture, they have procedures in place to ensure their members are monitored and their progress is continuous, along with having a positive, enjoyable experience! If you don’t enjoy it and see progress it’s tough to upkeep! Too many gym members are estimating their training and nutrition because the advice / guidance isn’t readily available. The team at Body Culture aim to change that and revolutionise the way gyms work by (if required) taking control of all aspects of their members’ fitness lifestyles including nutrition, coaching, training, supplementation, health and much much more.

Top of the Line Equipment

They are fully equipped with state of the art cardio-training and weight training equipment. Body Culture’s collection includes top of the line dumbbells, barbells, multiple squat stations, incline bench presses, work out benches, weight sleds and much more. Their equipment are safety approved, and designed to help you get the best out of your fitness training regimen.

Convenient Layout

The gym is spacious with a convenient layout to make your work out as hassle-free as possible. All fitness equipment has been carefully set up in a way that allows you to access them easily and maximise your workout time.

Variety of Academy Classes

Body Culture offer a variety of group training sessions that their academy members can enjoy. These sessions take place in both the morning and evening, which means you can schedule your workout program to suit your circumstances. You can arrange to work out late in the evening after you come from your regular job or schedule your fitness routine early morning after you wake up. Academy members also benefit from weekly progress tracking, personalised nutrition plans and guidance and support from their fitness experts.

Experienced Fitness Trainers

Body Culture have a team of highly experienced fitness trainers who are eager to help you attain all your body and fitness goals. Their qualified gym instructors and personal trainers will work with you to come up with the right fitness regimen, and train you on how to perform the exercises correctly. With the help of the fitness professionals, they will help you sculpt the body of your dreams in the shortest time possible.

Additional Support

Body Culture offers a real sense of community. Both members and academy members are able to post comments and queries on a private social media page, and offer support to each other. A lot of people say they feel uncomfortable attending a gym on their own, but Body Culture offers a friendly environment… they’re a huge BC family!

Affordable Membership Fees

Most gyms normally charge exorbitant fees for membership, but Body Culture offers their members very reasonable fees and also offer attractive packages. Their aim is to motivate their members to become more proactive in taking care of their bodies and achieve their goals.

Clean Environment

Body Culture’s gym also offers clients a clean environment to workout in. They conduct regular maintenance on all fitness equipment to keep them clean and in pristine condition. They also have shower facilities where members can clean up after a workout.

Contact Body Culture

Whatever your goal, fitness level or body type,  the Body Culture team are here to motivate you and help you achieve. To enquire about memberships and offers take a look at the website or give them a call  01257 234967.

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