Case Study - Ital Logistics

Over the past few years I have worked with ITAL Logistics thanks to a referral by Leon at Door4 to Phil Denton the managing director.

Ital logistics as you can probably gather is a logistics company. They are based in Heywood, Lancashire and do business all over Europe.

ITAL Logistics had recently expanded its team and needed shots of the new people and updates of anyone else who wanted them. People change over 6 years so some like to have a fresh “About Me” image.

After various false starts this year due to various team members being off sick with, you know what!!!! we eventually pinned down a date to earlier his month. I headed over to Heywood, it was absolutely pouring down so took a bit longer than expected to get there. I was welcomed by Phil and we had a good chat about what he wanted and about his interest in photography. I do like to talk photography to other enthusiastic people and genuinely enjoy seeing other peoples work.

Anyway we decided to create a few ‘get togethers’ and photograph people chatting at various locations around the office and canteen environments. It can be a bit like speed dating getting people into small groups and chatting about nonsense but it does work and people do start to relax into it. If the conversation stalls I get it going again and eventually we get something nice and informal.

The team at ITAL are a good close knit team who stay with the company for years as I found out when I returned, I recognised most people and a few new faces and what I did notice was how much the company had expanded. Good to see and a testament to the ethics of Phil

Here is a link to the team to see how they have been used.