Case Study: I Want A Standing Desk

This is a case study on the work I did with a Lancashire company I Want A Standing Desk.

Earlier this year just as restrictions where beginning to lift I was commissioned by Nick White the owner of I Want A Standing Desk to capture some images of the various standing desk products he has designed. Nick and I met online through a business leaders zoom group setup by Boost Business Lancashire in February this year.

Nick needed some photographs of the products being manufactured and hand finished at a facility in Lancashire. We then went on to capture some products in situ which we organised through a shared working space in Preston.

Early morning mid April we met at the manufacturers to photograph the standing desks during the final finishing process.just before they where shipped to clients. This was to be a short visit, a few quick shots then onto the main event of shooting the desks onsite.

We arrived in Preston and carried all the kit and desks etc up three flights of stairs to find a suitable location. As this was a shared space we had to be conscious of other uses, luckily there was only one other person there and he was interested in what we where doing.

Nick and I decided between us on the various angles, setups and lighting. Different products, different angles, close ups, different configurations etc etc. It was a real collaborative effort, its always nice when the client gets involved in the shoot as you can really bounce ideas around to get a nice finished set of images.

We worked well together and really enjoyed the shoot.