Care provider backs national campaigns

Caring Hands Homecare has established partnerships with two national campaigns dedicated to furthering social care causes.

The independent home care provider has aligned itself with the ‘Campaign to End Loneliness’ and ‘Age Action Alliance’. Both are pushing for greater awareness of issues which affect the elderly, and apply pressure on the government to improve social care services across the country.

Greg Bamber of Caring Hands Homecare said: “We are extremely conscious of the social care agenda nationally at Caring Hands Homecare – it has a huge impact on the day-to-day lives of the elderly in the communities we work in, and there are substantial challenges we face as a society to ensure those in later life don’t face undue suffering.

“We wanted to put our support behind these two pro-active campaigns and will continue to spread their messages. We will also feedback any thoughts our customers and their families have on their campaigns and the issues they are fighting for.”

The Campaign to End Loneliness is a coalition of organisations and individuals working together through research, policy, campaigning and innovation to combat loneliness and inspire individuals to keep connected in their older age. Loneliness has a similar impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Age Action Alliance aims to improve the lives of the elderly through collaboration. Caring Hands Homecare is one of the first 300 members of the alliance.