'Call for sites' promotes new development

Local authorities are required to identify a future supply of land that’s “suitable, available and achievable” for use for housing or other economic development purposes.

Part of this involves encouraging landowners to come forward with sites they’re interested in developing, known as a call for sites. Authorities will then conduct a technical assessment and look to include suitable land within their Local Plans.

Anyone, whether an individual or business organisation, can put forward a site for consideration. Typically, sites can be any size or type, including occupied, vacant, derelict or undeveloped land.

Proposals can be for any type of land use, including residential, commercial, retail, leisure or recreation. However, with land for employment sites increasingly being squeezed by new housing, a call for sites exercise may be an ideal opportunity to put forward land for potential commercial use.

Usually, a call for sites will be announced by the authority conducting it, with details of how to put forward a site published on its website.

Local authorities use their contacts in the property sector to help them publicise a call for sites, so it’s useful for landowners to have a relationship with a planning expert or property agent.

It’s useful for landowners to have a relationship with a planning expert or property agent

Allocation for development will depend on range of policy and practical considerations, some of which may be unique to an authority.

It’s worth noting that even when allocated, the authority is required to undertake a public consultation on the options available.

While sites within an existing Local Plan will be favourable from a planning permission point of view, a potential development site can be put forward and promoted for development at any time. A professional planning agent can help you do this.

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