Cable backs county’s engineering future

Vince Cable was in Burnley yesterday to officially launch the £50m Burnley Bridge Business Park.

During his visit, Mr Cable spoke about the Government’s billion pound partnership agreement with the British aerospace industry to develop it over the next 20 to 30 years, as well as the need for skills in the engineering sector.

vince cableHe said: “As we put that in place it means that the supplier companies, the tier ones the tiers twos and so on that are around here will have a real future and I think we are already beginning to see this happening.

“But if that is going to work of course we need sites and land but we also need people and I think one of the biggest challenges we’ve got is actually making it clear to the next generation that there’s a future in engineering, and that’s at all levels, it’s men and women.

“We’ve got a shortage of women in engineering in Britain, amongst other things, so it’s actually getting the message through the school system as well as higher age groups that there is a real future in the kind of companies that will be established here.”

The secretary of state for business enjoyed a tour of the 70-acre development site located on junction 9 of the M65, before speaking to an audience of business people from around the county and unveiling a commemorative plaque.

Mr Cable said: “It’s a great pleasure to be at the fulfilment of a vision that was being shared by developers, the council, the local enterprise partnership, the local MP and others.”

“I have been here four times in the four years I’ve been in this job, and I’ve seen the journey that the town has made.

“When I first came here it didn’t have a positive reputation and last year it was regarded as the most enterprising town in Britain. “Unemployment is well below the national average now and lots of really positive things are happening, particularly in the rediscovery of the manufacturing industry.”