Businesswise to energise buying for Lancashire

Cost reductions expert Businesswise Solutions has partnered with Lancashire Business View in order to drive down the cost of energy for Lancashire businesses.

Businesswise will work closely with the magazine as together, they seek to achieve better collective buying rates for businesses operating in the area.

Frazer Durris, director at Businesswise Solutions, Nelson, said: “We were approached by the magazine publisher Richard Slater to kick-start the LBV Buying Hub by tackling the rising costs of gas and electricity head on.

“The concept and synergy made perfect sense to us as a business; as we can significantly reduce costs if buying as a group, and the more members of the hub who sign up to the offer, the better the cost savings we can achieve.”

“I attended a Major Energy Users’ event this month where it was no surprise to hear that prices in both the gas and electricity markets have continued to rise in recent weeks.

“But what was interesting was a lecture by outgoing OFGEM CEO Andrew Buchanan, who spoke of highly volatile markets set to bring about many problems and difficult decisions within the industry in coming months.

“Inevitably, these issues will have a knock-on effect on business consumers like us, but by working together we can fight back.

“With businesses giving us the authority to procure their energy at optimum times and in bulk, we can make a stand against the energy giants and each enjoy reduced rates.”

As part of the offer, Businesswise will offer free energy audits to all members and guarantees best price with high percentage savings and will manage each company’s energy contracts with no cost the businesses involved.

The company’s energy experts will work on behalf of members to ensure controlled purchasing at group wholesale prices and will reduce risk through the implementation of buying strategies.

The LBV Buying Hub was launched at the magazine’s esteemed Red Rose Awards, held at the Winter Gardens on Thursday, March 14th in front of some 900 people living and working in the region.

Richard Slater, publisher of Lancashire Business View, added: “LBV Buying Hub will leverage the collective buying power of county businesses to cut the costs of essential spends.”

The scheme is a cornerstone of the second stage in the re-launch of the magazine’s web presence at

A key element of the site is LBV Hub, where readers share and promote news, offers and events, and this will be home to LBV Buying Hub. Visit the LBV Buying Hub here or call 0800 035 2929 to find out more.