Businesses help police fight crime

Businesses have been helping the county's police force create a safer Lancashire by launching a unique partnership and helping to raise funds for crime-prevention projects.

The Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC) is backed by scores of firms working together to reduce levels of crime and disorder across the county.

Membership represents the complete spectrum of business and public services including the police, local authorities, national companies with branches in the county, small local firms and even sole traders.

The partnership is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee and its primary role is to support various crime prevention and community safety schemes throughout Lancashire submitted by the local police on behalf of the community.

The board of directors has been drawn from its partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors. It allocates grants to enable police officers around the county to operate local crime reduction initiatives that would not otherwise have been affordable.

No organisation is too large or small and no one is excluded.

On average, the programme allows one new crime reduction project to begin almost every week, protecting the vulnerable elderly, tackling crime, drug abuse, street robbery and burglary, making people feel safer on the streets and in their homes, as well as providing a wide range of educational services and recreational opportunities to help our young people lead safe, productive lives.

Lancashire Partnership Against Crime has gone from strength to strength with more than £3m awarded to projects in the last 27 years, providing a significant addition to community safety and prosperity.

Al Yusuf, LANPAC manager, said: "We believe that our members exemplify the best of Lancashire, people who understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and its growing impact, both on their working environment and the way they themselves are perceived by their customers.

"No organisation is too large or small and our graduated system of membership fees is designed to ensure that no one is excluded."