Business seeks farming partnerships

Brothers Simon and Nick Mellin are appealing to fellow Lancashire farmers to join their supply chain.

The brothers own the rapidly expanding Roaming Roosters, which sells sustainable meats across the UK as well as in its Higham farm shop and bistro.

Business is booming, the company is already meeting turnovers originally forecasted for 2015 and is a double Red Rose Awards winner.

Yet while this is fantastic news, Simon and Nick know they need to extend their supplier list with breeders of grass fed stock today in order that they can continue to meet demand tomorrow.

Simon said: “The business is growing at such a phenomenal rate we need to expand out supplier list with farmers who share our own methods and values. People choose to shop with us because they support our ethos of sustainable farming and we see it as our role to ensure they keep on buying produce which has been raised in this manner.

“We are keen to support farmers within Lancashire and the suppliers we work with currently are more than happy with the relationship we offer.”

Martin Lee, who has been supplying beef and lamb to the Mellin family since 2001, said: “They are a very fair family to work with and what they do they do very well. My farm is just down the road in Sabden Fold so it is great for me to hear complements about the meats they sell and to know I am playing my part in this sustainable business.”

The Roosters are champions of Native British breeds, such as the Gloucestershire Olde Spot pig; the namesake for the company’s Olde Spot Bistro and what they don’t rear on their farm they source from neighbouring farms, like Martin’s, who share their ethical views.

Nick said: “Our customers like that they can trace back the history of the meat which they buy, especially in light of the recent horse meat scandal. We are proud to tell them that their meat has come from next door or a few miles down the road and it is something very important for us to maintain, hence our supplier appeal.” The brothers are looking to speak with farmers who rear Native British and Native British Cross stock, as well a free range and grass fed stock.