Burnley banker Dave Fishwick gives expert aid in new programme

Channel 4’s latest property programme sees Burnley banker Dave Fishwick give expert aid to those whose housing investments are heading for ruin.


Burnley businessman Dave Fishwick has returned to the nation’s screens in his latest programme, teaching people how to make money from property.

The Bank of Dave and minibus mogul is starring in his latest Channel 4 documentary “Can Property Pay Your Wages?” which aired on Tuesday at 8pm.

Dave, who bagged a BAFTA for his Loan Ranger programme last year, advised ordinary working people on how to make money from property.

He said: “There is £4tn worth of property in this country and everyday working people can tap into it.

“Property prices are now starting to rise again, and this programme sees me advising people on how to make money from property.

“It will blow people’s minds just how much can be made by ordinary folk. I’m not interested in making rich people richer – I only want to make television that makes a difference to people’s lives.” In the programme, Dave travels to Poole in Dorset where he advises a hairdresser, printer and pensioner. There are plenty of scenes shot in Burnley, too.