Broadband boost set to light up Darwen

Next generation broadband is to be beamed into homes in Darwen following a link-up between two Lancashire businesses.

Darwen BroadbandSimonstone-based 6G has joined forces with Pro Light Concepts Ltd in Darwen by utilising the giant chimney at its Olive Lane base to deliver superfast broadband to homes and businesses in the area.

This is the first transmission site for Darwen with more about to be secured.

Unlike traditional internet providers, 6G uses revolutionary Air Fibre technology instead of underground cables to deliver its broadband service through the air.

Using tall buildings as transmission sites, 6G is able to provide speeds in excess of 100Mbps, where the average speed in Blackburn and Darwen is between 2 and 5Mbps to residents and businesses.

Linda Szafar, enterprise relationship manager at 6G, said: “We are really excited about this link-up with Pro Light and the prospect of delivering low cost, superfast broadband to Darwen. We believe we can assist in regenerating the town because fast connectivity is a big attraction for businesses looking to move into the area.”

Mayor of Darwen Cllr Trevor Maxfield performed the official ‘switch on’ to launch the link-up between 6G and Pro Light. He said: “It’s great to see two East Lancashire businesses working together on a project that will benefit the whole community.”

Pro Light Managing Director Andrew Jeffrey says his business is already reaping the benefits of faster connectivity. The firm, which provides lighting and sound systems for nightclubs, theatres, hotels and public buildings, has customers across the UK and abroad so the ability to respond quickly to enquiries is essential.

“As a business we’ve suffered from really slow Internet speeds over the last 10 years so the arrival of 6G is a major boost for us and the rest of the Darwen business community,” said Andrew.

“We can have 10 to 12 members of staff using the Internet at any one time whilst they are talking to customers on the phone. They might need to download a manual to give customers advice but that used to take an age under the old system as we were typically getting speeds of 6mbps or slower. Now we are getting 30mbps which has speeded up our entire operation.

“We can also use video conferencing to talk to customers, which was simply not possible before, so it has made a huge difference to the way we function as a business.”

6G have spent five years and invested millions of pounds developing ‘next generation’ broadband, which utilises Air Fibre technology to deliver speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

Blackburn recently became the first town in the UK to receive 6G technology. Pro Light Concepts Ltd was established in 1996 in Bolton, before moving to Bury and then onto its current home in Olive Lane, Darwen. The firm employs 25 people and has increased turnover by 18% over the last 12 months.