Breathe presents new corporate offering at LBV Health and Wellbeing Conference

Last week, Lancashire Business View’s founder and publisher, Richard Slater, hosted the 2021 Health and Wellbeing Conference.

The conference brought together key business experts and health and wellbeing professionals to provide some more insight and advice, improving workplace wellbeing and raising awareness about the importance of this. 

Among the panelists was Shelley Perry, the clinical director of the Preston-based not for profit, Breathe Therapies. 

Many important topics were discussed, such as how to facilitate a safe return to the workplace, employee wellbeing strategies and how important a preventative approach is when it comes to mental health.  

Shelley spoke about how Breathe Therapies have adapted during lockdown and the importance of keeping a sense of purpose and strong company culture during these times.  

Effective communication between her and her team (both those in office and working from home) was key in helping Breathe to maintain a strong company culture. To simply put it, Shelley stating that: “culture won’t happen unless you know your individuals”.  

This strategy Shelley discussed hasn’t only aided in improving our company’s workplace wellbeing but has been a key influence in our approach with our Breathe Corporate Mental Health and Wellbeing solutions. 

Our corporate solutions are tailored for the employees, the managers and the HR departments, including mental health first aid training, legislative requirements and knowledgeable and practical advice and support on a 1-2-1 and group basis both remotely and in person, even virtual reality therapy! 

Our qualified and expert consultants start by carrying out an organisational assessment of need, then design and deliver a solution tailored to the individuals within the organisation. 

Shelley explained: "It was great to see so much passion at the conference; focused on workplace wellbeing and exploring the reality of what that actually means. As the only nonprofit organisation in this sector locally, our expert team are ready to make this a reality for local businesses." 

To learn more about how you can help your employees and receive guidance from Breathe Corporate, email them at and they can walk you through it.