Brand new year, brand new website

We welcome the Lancashire Business View community to explore and tell us what they think. We think it’s easier to navigate.


The focus is on our clients, how they benefit from financial planning. What is financial planning? Do you know financial planners COACH, TEACH, GUIDE, and ORGANISE their clients? 

The new site reflects the larger geographical area we influence. From the Potteries north to the Scottish borders. East and West of the Pennines. See the map.

Learn about how we support over 50 of the North’s larger public and private sector employers. Employers who care for their employees financial wellbeing.

Focus is on specialist advice. From Impact Investing (helping our planet) to Care Fees Planning. From Financial Education to Estate Planning (protecting the bloodline). It’s all there.

Let True Bearing help with your FINANCIAL DIRECTION. Several thousand already have!

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George Critchley - Chairman