Bowker MINI partners with Cuckoo Gin


Bowker MINI is proud to announce that it has partnered up with the wonderful people at Brindle Distillery.

Based at Holmes Farm in Brindle, the award-winning distillery, known for the name ‘Cuckoo GIN’ are dedicated to the future and strive to be sustainable. They take pride in using locally sourced raw materials, with a natural spring delivering fresh spring water to the distillery which is then used in the distillation of their spirits and for cooling their still, nicknamed ‘Maggie’.

With our expanding MINI Electric and Hybrid range, Bowker MINI wanted to contribute to the sustainability of their business. Currently, the distillery ensures the use of sustainable and ethically sourced botanicals from the UK and across the world that give their spirits their award-winning taste.

Mark Long, director and master distiller had this to say after their MINI Electric Experience: “Teaming up with a local company like Bowker MINI was a great privilege, to do it because of our shared sustainable principles was the icing on the cake. At Brindle Distillery (Cuckoo Gin) we live by our tag line, ‘Inspired by the past, dedicated to the future’.

"The past harking back to times and farming stories created our brand name Cuckoo Gin. We are dedicated to the future by using the land on the farm to create a product that in turn builds the local economy, creates jobs and tourism for the area. We strive to be sustainable and green in all aspects of our product production, from using biomass to heat our still, using our own water in production and spreading waste back on our land.

"Part of our long-term goal would include using electric transport to ship our products and meet customers out on the road. Bowker have introduced us to this technology, and we are massively impressed with the performance of the MINI Electric and the range from just one charge. We hope this is the start of a great partnership together.”

More About the MINI Electric

The MINI Electric, offering a range of up to 145 miles* from a full charge is a practical option for any business striving towards sustainability. Financially, the Electric strikes a chord too, costing approximately just 4p a mile and as of April 2021 just 1% BIK for Business users. Charging could not be easier either, with a wallbox the MINI Electric will be ready to go in just three hours, so whilst you are charging your batteries, so is your MINI. And with the charging network continually growing, with the help of a 50kw charging unit, now found at many motorway services, the MINI Electric can go from 0-80% charge in just 35 minutes. So, a quick snack and a coffee and you are ready to go, and with the Electric going from 0 to 62 in just 7.3 seconds you’ll be there before you know it.

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