Blackpool visitor economy reaches £1.5bn


Blackpool Council has revealed the resort's visitor economy has exceeded £1.5bn for the first time as visitor numbers have grown to 18m.

The figures have been published as part of Destination Blackpool, the second edition of the document which outlines the council's plan to maintain its position as the UK’s most popular seaside resort.

The updated version of the plan sets out the keynote projects over the next three years that will further cement Blackpool’s place as the country’s most visited resort, targeting new generations of leisure and business tourists.

These projects include: the long-awaited development of the Blackpool Central site that had one been earmarked for a supercasino; completion of a new conference centre adjacent to the Winter Gardens; construction of several next-generation quality hotels; much-improved transport infrastructure including a tramway extension; and the opening of a new Blackpool Museum.

The plan, developed by Blackpool Council’s tourism arm, VisitBlackpool, states: "The challenge is to gradually reposition the resort offer so that it evolves into a place that has a rich and unique mix of heritage and contemporary attractions; one that has undoubted appeal to an aspirational family audience and one that is well placed to take advantage of changes in domestic and international holiday trends."

Blackpool’s future success lies in the continual reinvention of the tourism offer.

The three-year timeline in the refreshed plan sets out key milestones for completion of the major projects as well as projected dates for introduction of new events and visitor attractions. By the end of the plan’s lifespan in 2021, it is envisaged that headline visitor numbers will have increased by almost half a million compared to 2017.

Alan Cavill, Blackpool Council’s director of communications and regeneration, said: “Blackpool’s future success lies in the continual reinvention of the tourism offer – we cannot afford to stand still.

"The proposed programme of work that will be undertaken within the lifespan of this plan represents investment on a scale that has not been seen for decades.

"We are confident that this will deliver true and lasting transformational change that will stand Blackpool in good stead for years to come."

Destination Blackpool, Resort Place-Making 2019-2021 can be viewed here.