Blackpool means business

I recently attended my first ever Blackpool Business Leadership Group (BBLG) meeting.

It was extra special because it was hosted by Blackpool Zoo. A trip to the zoo on a crisp winter’s morning. Perfect. I was greeted by a peacock as I walked to the entrance. (Glad the tigers weren’t on the welcoming committee.)

Often the perception of Blackpool away from the Fylde Coast is that of a tourist destination.

A tourist destination that it would appear is on the up, and that has had national attention recently with the visit of Strictly Come Dancing, Prince William here for a friend’s stag do, and the great performances of Blackpool FC. (Of course, it is hard for me to acknowledge these great results as a Burnley fan. So, moving swiftly on…)

The tourist side can overshadow the private sector and ‘normal’ businesses. Tourism aside, there is a thriving and growing private sector right here in Blackpool, with a great mix of companies. I heard of investment, news of continued growth from companies across different sectors, and a real belief in the town.

Through BBLG, it would appear there is also a great partnership between public and private sector with one common aim; that of building an even better Blackpool.

My fellow delegates were there because they believe in Blackpool. And as a growing company like ours, it’s great to see our vision and positivity shared by our neighbours.

I found a genuine desire, hunger and determination. Traits recognized by the local paper, The Gazette, which is to launch a publication dedicated to showing that Blackpool is a great place to do business.

And whilst there were some difficult subjects to address as a result of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review and the likely repercussions, I have to say that the mood in the room overall was positive. “Yes it’s going to be tough, but let’s be positive and face it head-on”.

I like that kind of outlook. So good for Blackpool, I say. Blackpool means business, it really does.

Karen Lambert
Happy Creative