Blackpool displays the art of dance in Shanghai

A magical opportunity to take part in a very special event, the very first Blackpool Dancing Festival in stunning Shanghai was a tremendous success.

May Liu, projects director of China -UK business said: “The festival is a fabulous event originating from 6000 miles away. I think It’s great that Chinese people have had the opportunity to compete in this way with other dancers from all over the world. Although I’m based in Blackpool now at the China-UK business centre, I am a Chinese national, so it was lovely to speak to the competitors and the spectators to find out what they were feeling. It was a mixture of pride and excitement that such a great world famous event has finally come to Shanghai.”

Judged by thirty experienced adjudicators from the UK, US, Japan and China, the competition attracted the highest calibre dancers including the world’s top three dance couples from the Professional Latin Open Championship circuit.

Communications director of the China-UK business centre Carole Houston added, “The excitement in the city of Shanghai was almost tangible. It was a delight to witness the dancing mania everywhere.

Credit for the event is due to Blackpool Winter Gardens Managing Director Michael Williams, also Managing Director of Blackpool Entertainment Company Limited who in partnership with Sandra Wilson, Blackpool Dance Festival Organiser and strategic partner Haiping Ge (CEO of Shanghai Yi Sai Culture Communication Co., Ltd; CEO of International Special Attractions, Ltd), his team and associates in Blackpool and China, choreographed the event from start to finish. Shanghai was the perfect partner for the event. Translated as ‘by the sea’, the city is similar to Blackpool in so many ways. Both are vibrant and full of fun, with bright lights and energy in abundance. And just like Blackpool, it’s a great place to visit and the perfect base for an action packed holiday.