Blackburn Rovers takeover bid gathers momentum

The Blackburn Rovers Supporters Investment Trust, set up by a band of disillusioned fans, earned more than £500,000 in pledges in its first week.

Headed by high-profile supporters such as Wayne Wild, director of the WEC Group, the trust has already secured national media coverage and support from local MPs including former home secretary Jack Straw.

The aim of the trust is to purchase the football club from its current owners, Indian poultry giants Venky’s, and to give control and ownership to the local community rather than risk it in the hands of unknown business entities.

Wayne Wild said: “We will raise funds to buy the club by issuing a sufficient number of shares to meet a realistic valuation at the time of purchase.

“We believe Blackburn Rovers will be best run by as many shareholders as possible having an equal say in the ownership of the club.

“The aim of the trust is to establish a truly democratic ownership model, which can be independently monitored and held to account by the people who really matter – Blackburn Rovers supporters.”

Despite the progress made by the trust, Venky’s have stated they have any interest in selling.