Blackburn heritage book to raise money for East Lancashire Hospice

A book entitled 'The Blackburn We Knew and Loved', which explores the town's heritage, has been published by a local businessman to raise money for East Lancashire Hospice.


The book,  which features around 400 photographs of how Blackburn used to be,  has been the dream of Peter Street, owner of the Cardboard Box Company, who is donating all proceeds to the charity.

It has been released in hardback in a limited edition of 2,000 copies and features captions written by local historical artist John Chapman and a foreword by Jack Straw.

So far, the book has raised £11,000.

Peter said: "I saw slides of all of these pictures when I'd had a stroke in 2000 and I managed to get hold of the full collection.

"We spent around £30,000 to put the book together but its a marvellous pictorial record of the town before it changed forever.

"So far it's gone extremely well and we're really hoping that the whole thing sells out and we can give a large chunk of money to the hospice.

"There's no limit to what we will do to help the hospice and it's very dear to the heart of our company. If the whole edition sells out, we will raise £40,000."

Copies can be purchased from the Cardboard Box Company by calling 01254 232 223 and ask for Peter who is happy to arrange signed copies from himself, John Chapman and Jack Straw. Copies can also be purchased online here.