Birch Green meets gold standard for care

Skelmersdale care home Birch Green has been named a ‘solid gold’ home by one of the UK’s leading care quality organisations.

The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) sets out best practice for caring for patients approaching the end of their lives – a ‘gold standard of care.’

The GSF care home training programme is said to be ‘the most comprehensive programme to enhance end of life care in care homes.’ Since it began in 2004, almost 1,500 homes have undertaken training, and 100 apply to be accredited every year.

The standard is endorsed by all major care home organisations and supported by Age UK, the charity working to improve life for the elderly.

Catherine Shawarby, general manager of Birch Green Care Home, said: “The Gold Standards Framework exists to promote the very best in end of life care, and Birch Green has worked hard to demonstrate our standards of care are consistently high.

Professor Keri Thomas, GSF National Clinical Lead said: “GSF has become recognised as the kite marked model of best practice for end of life care in care homes.”