Bill Gates's last dollar

Ishamel BahadurHow do you increase your marketing by reducing your spend? Are you astonished at the pace of change in the World?

New technology, new gadgets, new attitudes, new media.

Those who are successful in the fast evolving world embrace change. They do not regard the new as a barrier but a potential possibility or an opportunity each innovation brings.

I am Ishmael Bahadur, CEO and founder of MyMall ­ the World¹s first Virtual Shopping Mall. I will be addressing the key elements that will benefit your business by deploying a cohesive digital strategy.

In each issue i will provide a snapshot of facts on each topic which will help you build your own plan.

The key elements of your online strategy must include:

  • A user friendly and well designed Website
  • Objectives with realistic milestones
  • SEO ­ search engine optimisation
  • Social networking and media
  • What is your story ­ PR with impact

By implementing these points you will inevitably save money and ultimately increase your marketing exposure.

A user friendly and well designed website It is a fact that many more people will see your website than your office.

Yet you may spend much more on the decor of your office than your online presence.

Would you employ someone who failed to make the effort to present themselves?

A website that is designed to be well balanced, user friendly will create a positive impact for your company making it worth every penny.

A website can turnaround your business cost effectively if treated with respect. Online sales rose by 21% over this recession. That must be a positive indicator...

The general rules are to keep content basic and fluid... if they need to know more they can contact you. Find ways to capture data. Understand your business and send that information out in small bitesize chunks. Try not to explain everything at once.

Colourways, images, content and structure are the key ingredients. Think carefully and make them work. An image can put a perspective into ones mind without reading anything.

That perspective has to be a positive one.

Ishmael Bahadur, Mymall.