Being brave in a bold new world

Do you have what it takes to be bold?

Boldness is about having the courage to believe the uncharted waters you are exploring are worth the journey, however choppy they may be.

Before Covid-19 and lockdown, the business world was moving fast. Innovation was happening more rapidly than ever and technology was evolving constantly, therefore businesses needed to be bolder to be successful.

Being bold is almost an unspoken requirement now, given the events of the last three months. How else can businesses recover and resurge?

They are being required to diversify their markets, develop new products and services, become more financially robust and be more productive. All of this in a changed landscape of remote working and what could be a significant period of economic recovery.

But this new environment presents new opportunities to all businesses. Companies around the world have invested in quality video and remote working capabilities, making it easier than ever to reach potential customers in new markets.

While traditional retail still grinds slowly back into gear, the demand for online services and products has never been greater. This is bringing new opportunities to those with a product which can be shipped or a service which can be delivered virtually. There are challenges ahead, but there is also a wealth of new possibilities.

There are challenges ahead, but there is also a wealth of new possibilities.

Lancashire County Council has a range of support to help you as you look to the next steps for your business. Through Boost we can assist all Lancashire companies as part of the #BoostYourRecovery campaign.

We have also developed a tailored support programme to help Lancashire’s fastestgrowing companies be bold. Two Zero Scaleup Resurgence will give these companies the tools to return to full strength this summer.