Be sure your back office supports your sales

Referrals, of all the ways to receive new opportunities, have the highest conversion rates and have the greatest chance of converting into a sale.

By Audrey Odell, chief executive, Onefit Software.

Audrey Odell OnefitThat’s great if you sell the same products over and over again, but much tougher in the fast-paced commercial markets of today, which are driven by innovation, change and evolving products, techniques and processes.

Now, a strong online presence is a must, for new and existing products, both home and abroad. More than 50,000 new businesses are set up every month, and they know from day one that exposure and awareness is critical.

It’s a numbers game, successful marketing and selling on-line has lower conversion rates, but the volume of opportunities is much higher. So there is opportunity for sales, which hopefully then leads to referrals, making it the best of both worlds.

An online marketing and analysis specialist recently told me that in the Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale area, where manufacturing is the main employer and where really progressive service industries are well represented, the traditional as well as the advanced manufacturers are taking immediate and realistic action to offer products, services and information on-line with the highest levels of SEO and analytics.

Be warned, though, that following online sales, customer service becomes a major factor.

Many companies are killing themselves with their own success by selling through a well designed e-commerce site but lacking a well-planned and implemented back office system to ensure they stay around long enough to reap the benefit of those massive sales.

We launched the V1 of OneFit Software in 2010 and V2 in January of this year. We are committed to delivering software that supports all areas of operation and growth for SMEs including wholesalers, manufacturers and some specialisms such as the Food & Fresh Produce Industry. Importantly, OneFit can be deployed in a modular form from Web Trading, CRM, SOP/POP, Manufacturing & Logistics and uses the latest mobile technology to achieve efficiencies and cost saving by sharing information across all departments and locations.