Banker Dave returns on Thursday

Burnley entrepreneur and recent TV star David Fishwick – who garnered fans from across the UK when he took on the financial establishment in Channel 4’s Bank of Dave – is to return this Thursday.

Dave Fishwick of Bank of Dave fameThe self-made millionaire’s exploits setting up Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd were filmed and broadcast last year. Now he will star in Fighting the Fat Cats, which has documented his battle for approval from the Financial Services Authority.

His operation so far has earned a waiting list of individuals, who can earn 5% interest on deposits of between £500 and £15,000. In turn, he uses the money to support the creation and growth of local businesses. All profits are then donated to Pendleside Hospice.

The original show attracted the attention of Vince Cable, who took time out to speak to David about his venture. However, it also attracted the disapproving eye of the FSA, which is where the second season begins. Lancashire Business View publisher Richard Slater features again this show. Tune in to Channel 4 on Thursday at 10pm.