Bank of Dave set for TV debut

Bank of Dave, a Channel 4 documentary following Colne businessman David Fishwick as he attempts to set up his own bank, will air on Thursday night.

The two-part series follows Fishwick, the man behind Burnley’s biggest minibus dealership, set fair lending terms and affordable borrowing rates in response to the collapse of the global financial market.

He said: “This is not about trying to be bigger than the banks or about lining my pockets. Someone, somewhere has to take the first step and take them on.”

Fishwick is a self-made millionaire who built up the David Fishwick Vans and Minibuses empire, which now sponsors a stand at Burnley’s Turf Moor.

His business was hit hard when the financial crisis hit, leading to banks withdrawing funding to a number of his potential customers. In response, he decided to set up his own institution and operate under his own rules.

There has only been one licence for a new bank handed out in the last 100 years, however, and Dave encounters numerous obstacles along the way.