Awesome Analysis Seminar: most tweeted tips

Downtown in Business and Cotton Court recently held a Social Media Breakfast Seminars.

Hosted by Tom Stables and Nathaniel Cassidy of 3ManFactory, along with Jeremy Coates from Magma Digital, they explained their accessible analytics approach, looking at what tools to use, what information is important and how to use the data that is available to ensure return on investment and to refine your strategy. If you missed any of the great social media tips from the guys at 3ManFactory and Magma Digital, here are some of the ‘most tweeted about’ tips:
  • If you don’t want to unfriend on Facebook ‘hide’ people instead! You won’t see their posts anymore & they won’t know
  • Bitly is great for shortening web links and measuring how often they are visited
  • SocialBro is a useful tool for twitter analytics
  • With Twitter, it’s about the instant. You’ve got to tweet a lot to over-do it
  • Sometimes email marketing stats can be deceiving
  • If you use MailChimp for newsletter distribution take a look at the Analytics feature – it’s great
  • There is no way to know if your site is effective without analytics – check them regularly
  • Klout is a measure of influence online; at a very basic level you can get a lot out of it
  • If you want to monitor your tweets, Topsy is a great service for doing so. It’s easy to use, and it’s free!
  • The time you post your message online is key
  • You don’t need to use Facebook to sell; you can also use it for PR, talent acquisition and sharing company culture – we do!
  • Statistics are great, but you have to act on them