Attracting and retaining staff: A health and well-being approach

Attracting and retaining staff is very much a challenge for many organisations. Currently in the UK we have nearly full employment.

In addition there are demographic changes at both ends of the age spectrum that are likely to make the recruitment and retention a challenge for all employers for some time. The role of migration in an uncertain Europe is a further important.

Health and well-being initiatives are often seen as a benefit in attracting staff. In the recruitment process ensuring a new recruit is fit for the specific demands of the role together with understanding any adjustments related to health conditions, which may in themselves amount to a Disability, are part of the successful recruitment process.

In a competitive market to retain valuable staff promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of all staff remains important. In an ageing workforce demographic the challenges of managing health problems in the older worker, in particular those long-term problems that cannot be cured but can to an extent be managed, is not only important today but likely to be increasingly important into the future.

A comprehensive health and well-being strategy is a valuable benefit to any business.

While health and well-being initiatives remain important, seeing health and well-being as a key part of the HR strategy is more likely to be successful in supporting the business. A comprehensive health and well-being strategy is a valuable benefit to any business and can support the HR function in ensuring the workforce really is the company’s best asset.

Occupational Health provides a range of services in support of your health and wellbeing strategy, tailored to your specific needs to provide value to your business.