Attract the best talent with recruitment videos

Video is considered by many marketing professionals as one of the most engaging ways to promote a product, service or an event, because it can connect with an audience quickly in an engaging, unambiguous way, and it's also suited to many sharing platforms right out of the box.

Now this hasn't gone unnoticed by other company departments. These days, we speak to just as many HR professionals as we do marketing executives about using video content to create engagement with the right audience.

The brief's always simple, tell our story, tell it authentically, and leave no doubt as to what we're about as a company. They want us to attract, retain, and motivate staff. So why has there been an increase in HR professionals using video? Well, there are several underlying reasons.

  • First of all, video is great for getting the business to stand out visually from the competition, from both a commercial and recruitment standpoint.
  • It's great at attracting high-calibre candidates who will really pick up on the key messages within the video.
  • It’s an effective way of reaching a larger audience, and increasingly, people on the job market are expecting to use video at some stage on their journey.

Now, these are all valid reasons for increased use of video marketing by HR departments, but the main reason is to improve retention rates.

For some industries like recruitment, call centres, and healthcare, high churn rates and loss of revenue from mis-hires is commonplace and it can cause major business headaches. Mis-hires equals loss of money.

The problems arise when candidates have limited insight into a company, and therefore, misjudge the culture and the prospects or nature of the work involved. So, they're hired and then, disillusioned, they leave within a very short space of time. 

If somebody thinks this role might just be a walk in the park or something they can do in their sleep when actually it’s quite challenging, the second those candidates start interacting with your HR team, they're costing them money.

So, let's put the wrong ones off and bring the right ones in.

To achieve this through video the creative treatment you apply to the production is key. For us, one of the most important treatments for any HR video is to avoid the archetypal kind where a managing director appears saying how amazing it is to work on the shop floor down there in a business.

If you want to recruit people from the shop floor, let's hear from those people themselves. Anything else is often perceived as forgettable sales patter.

When we interview employees, we interview them about their own personal stories, the recruitment process, what's really required to be successful aswell as the true career progression potential and how difficult it may have been in the early days, but also, how they're enjoying the challenge, the prospects, the team spirit, and overall job satisfaction.

The very fact that employees are given a voice tells potential candidates that this is likely a great place to work, but it's also very open and gives them an understanding of what is required to make the grade and to really question whether they're a good match for the role that's available.

To see these methods in practice take a look at how we have helped Concentrix and Frank Recruitment Group avoid mis-hires and attract the very best staff through recruitment videos.

So, if you're a HR professional looking to tell your story to potential candidates and engage with your staff, then get in touch with us at Bigtank to see how we can help.

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