Attract, retain and motivate the best people

The recruitment goal of most companies is to attract, retain and motivate the very best people into the business. Often, this is easier said than done as there are many factors that can hinder the recruitment journey.

These may be candidates not fully understanding the role on offer or companies not painting a true picture of what the role involves. Vitally, companies may not be reflecting their core values and what qualities would really make someone a great fit for that company. 

Even with someone who can give a good interview, these problems are likely to rear their heads in the long run with candidates leaving within 12 months of starting, costing valuable time and money.

One tried and tested ‘tool’ a company can use to attract the right people into a business and to help them develop into valued members of a team is with authentic, honest and compelling video content matched to an effective broadcast strategy.

By giving potential new recruits a true insight into a company’s operating procedures, environments and ethos, it helps funnel the most suitable candidates into the interview process by not only attracting the right people, but equally important, putting off the wrong kind of applicants for the role.

Match an authentic, honest and compelling video content to an effective broadcast strategy.

As an on-going motivational tool, video can also document how team members have overcome certain challenges or have hit targets and then enjoyed the successes that follow.

In a recruitment video, be honest, open and clear about the role and what your company stands for, get that content seen by your audience and the results will speak for themselves.