Askam handed £3m Lancaster University refurbishment deal

Lancaster-based Askam Construction has been awarded a contract by Lancaster University in excess of £3m to refurbish Bowland Tower - one of its original and most distinctive buildings.

Bowland Tower is located at the heart of Lancaster University’s campus and is a well-recognised part of the university’s architecture. At 14 storeys high, the popular upper floors give spectacular views over both Morecambe Bay and the surrounding fells.

Opened in 1968, this striking feature is now to have a complete make-over, with more than £4m being invested by Lancaster University into the refurbishment of accommodation within the tower and the south and east wings of the connected buildings.

Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce is currently working with Lancaster University to discuss how local businesses can be supported to form trade networks with the University.

Vice chancellor Professor Mark E. Smith said: “I am very pleased that the university is generating opportunities which local companies are able to take advantage of. We have an important role to play in contributing to the economic success of our region and last year put about £333m into our local economy.” John Lowery, managing director of Askam Construction, said: "By employing a local company like Askam Construction, the university is ensuring that the cash from its projects stay in the area. Every £1,000 the university spends with Askam is used locally to pay staff, local suppliers and subcontractors. That, in turn, is used to employ local people and buy a high proportion of their supplies in the area."