Are you a good manager? Or are you a great manager?

What makes a good manager?

Responses are probably on the lines of energy, motivation, resilience, confidence. We know they make a good manager. But what makes a great manager? A manager who makes a real difference, to the business they’re leading, to their employees and colleagues?

There’s no doubt, we’re all shaped by our individual personalities and experiences.

That’s why it’s great to step back every now and again. To take a look at ourselves as managers – what in our backgrounds has led us to make certain decisions; how our individual personalities can influence our perceptions. To take a long, hard look at how others see us and how we can grow and develop as managers.

Recently, at Burnley College, where we draw on the expertise and experience of some of the best academic and business brains, we had the pleasure of working with managers at Rossendale Borough Council.

There’s no doubt. Their managers are outstanding – they’re knowledgeable, skilled, motivated. That means they’re always striving to be better still – and that’s where Burnley College came in.

Business lecturer Will Shepherd was one of a team of college innovators delivered three days’ of targeted training to managers.

The sessions covered everything from managers scrutinising their own views on what makes a great leader and leadership values, through to personal shields and what makes a great team … with a little 'speed dating’ and scaling ‘Mount Everest’ thrown in.

Speaking to Will, who has a background with blue-chip FMCGs, afterwards he told me about his philosophy of ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and how he’s passionate about delivering solutions that are truly relevant to an individual organisation’s culture and vision.

That’s what Burnley College is about to the core. Delivering bespoke training to individual businesses and organisations. No two training sessions will be the same.

Are you ready to start the conversation about how bespoke training can make the difference to your business – whether that’s focused on management or a package of courses tailored to your needs?

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