Apprenticeships that pay off

The number of licenced vehicles in the UK rose by 1.4% in 2019, these figures rose by 1.9% in Lancashire, showing the growth of the automotive industry in Lancashire exceeds the national average.

Training 2000 has an established history in providing automotive apprenticeships and training. We have a skilled team of tutors with industry experience and ties to the University of Central Lancashire meaning we can deliver training from Level 2 up to a degree apprenticeship.

We pride ourselves on offering flexible learning solutions to avoid disruption within your business.

The automotive apprenticeships we offer: Autocare Technician; Light Vehicle Service and Maintenance; Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair; Vehicle Damage; Vehicle Body Repair; and Vehicle Refinishing

Under the recent Plan for Jobs Scheme, employers are eligible to receive up to £3,000 per new apprentice they hire. There is an opportunity to offer unpaid work experience for 16-18 year old learners with an automotive traineeship. 

Employers are eligible to receive a bonus of £1,000 per placement

Traineeship learners undertake a short programme at our Blackburn site, gaining valuable skills and automotive experience ready for the workplace. Traineeship learners enter the workplace and employers are eligible to receive a bonus of £1,000 per placement. All cash grants are paid by the government and as such are subject to government funding. 

If your annual wage bill is more than £3m you will pay into the Apprenticeship Levy, any funds not utilised will disappear after two years so now is a great time to make use of these.

Training 2000 can support your business across a range of sectors including engineering, business administration, customer service, team leader, accounting, IT and more! Please contact me on or on 07816298524 for more information.