Apprentices show they have a tasty future ahead

Apprentices from the Northcote Group have been cooking up a storm for the Michelin-star restaurant!

The group of 16 trainees are using National Apprenticeship Week to fine tune their skills to present A Taste of the Future at Blackburn Cathedral from March 23rd.

One of the apprentices showed their initiative to get ticket sales up by contacting Happy Creative for some help with marketing support.

Nigel Haworth and his team of executive chefs at Northcote have been overseeing the task but the menus are the work of his talented apprentices.

Happy Creative the day with one group of apprentices in the run up to their tasting session with Nigel.

The project is entirely apprentice-led, offering the insight and experience of running a kitchen and restaurant, by organising, managing and delivering the series of events themselves.

Dan Carson, a first year apprentice at Northcote, said: “Being an apprentice at Northcote means you experience all areas of the kitchen and this has been a real test for everyone involved.

“A Taste of the Future is a chance for people to experience the next generation of Northcote chefs. Nigel and his team are great mentors and Northcote is very proud of the apprenticeship scheme they have created.

“This is our chance to present our ideas to show how we are the beating heart of a Michelin-starred kitchen and how we are developing as a team.”

Each team of apprentices have chosen to support a local charity as part of their task.

Bruno Birkbeck, who is mentoring one of the teams, said: “We like to involve the apprentices at every level in the kitchen so we know where they will excel but this challenge has tested them on every level.

“They have risen to the challenge with a unique menu which has been guided by Nigel but created and developed by them. They have proven that they really are the chefs of the future.”

Karen Lambert, managing director of Happy Creative, said: “We were delighted to help out the apprentices with task.

“Lancashire prides itself on its culinary offering and dishes which are inspired by its produce. To see the chefs delivering these exciting menus is encouraging for the future of this industry.”

For more information on A Taste of the Future call 01254 260520 or visit