Apprentices can help protect your business from cyber threats

Almost half of UK businesses suffered a cyber security breach or attack during the past 12 months. This statistic highlights the need for increased knowledge and training surrounding the security of your business.

A cyber aware and well-educated workforce is essential to establishing and maintaining solid business security. User training and education is one of the best and most fundamental investments a business can make.

Constantly maintaining up-to-date backups is a key aspect of preventing damage caused by security breaches and online attacks. In the event of a cyber-attack, the availability of assets is very likely to be affected. A good backup strategy will reduce downtime and ensure the business can continue to function.

Three best practice tips that could help to prevent security breaches within your business:

Use strong passwords. Always use a combination of numbers, upper and lower case characters and at least 1 special character

Always report suspicious emails to the IT department

Always lock your computer when vacating your desk

If you suspect a breach, Immediately involve your technical and security personnel.

The IT Apprenticeships Training 2000 include: Cyber Security Technician, Network Engineer and Infrastructure Technician.

Could your business withstand a cyber security breach? Do you have existing members of staff you can upskill to cover the security of your business? Could your business afford not to hire an apprentice?

It has never been a better time to hire an Apprentice. Under the recent Plan for Jobs Scheme, employers could be eligible to receive up to £4,000 per new Trainee/Apprentice they hire.

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