Analytics are helping Lancashire businesses flourish

Recruitment companies are often good barometers of business trends, and with all the political turbulence and talk of economic uncertainty it’s encouraging that we can report positive news across Lancashire with increasing demand for a variety of resources.

We have seen particular sectors flourish over the past six to 12 months. The distribution and logistics sector is benefiting from the growth of online retail which relies heavily on outsourced driving. Tech firms, too, are a rising force in the county.

Lancashire’s more traditional manufacturing is also enjoying a resurgence, reflected in the high numbers of vacancies across the board and in particular within the aerospace sector.

However, some of the most interesting developments are happening across sectors, and we have seen increased demand for analytical reporting roles.

Where companies may once have been satisfied with a simple set of standard accounts, many are now looking to gain competitive advantages by drilling down on the information they have.

We have seen increased demand for analytical reporting roles.

Analytical reporting can help drive top line growth by giving a better understand of the spending patterns of existing clients, as well as helping to control costs and improve bottom line profitability. 

On the whole, our view of the Lancashire economy is a positive one, indicated by a continued strong flow of vacancies across many business sectors. Demand is high for skilled accountancy staff, and attracting niche skills sets is becoming more difficult.

If you’re looking for free consultative advice on the recruitment market or a specific accountancy recruitment headache, our regional specialists would welcome the chance to help.

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