An Olympic approach to building better teams

In this episode Business Psychologist Michael Costello meets with two exceptional Olympic athletes to discuss their new book “Winning Together” and the incredible journey Team GB went on to winning gold in the Rio Olympics.
Double Olympic medallist Kate Richardson Walsh is the most capped female British hockey player of all time and double Olympian medallist Helen Richardson-Walsh has 18 years of playing internationally with 4 Olympic Games, many world cups, European championships and commonwealth games. 
This podcast not only explored the incredible framework the GB team utilised to support them in winning Gold but also …
  • The extremes of the past in GB Hockey’s culture & what had to change
  • Where vulnerability & emotional intelligence sits in building a high performing team
  • How setbacks & major injury were actually opportunities to uphold the team’s values
  • What you can do to dial up your emotions when you really need them for yourself and the team
  • What needs to take place for women to feel a little safer walking the streets of the UK alone
  • What leaders need to do to take on commonplace microaggressions towards women in the workplace.
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