An ethical evolution

Workplaces have constantly evolved over the decades due to changing demands, new trends and the advance of technology. 

The pandemic has accelerated the change to a more flexible way of working, but at least for now the centralised workplace is still the most effective way of bringing a team together.

We have seen a rise in demand for all of the types of equipment you’d expect, such as protective screens, hand sanitisers and masks. Then there are those workplaces which have gone further, for example swapping fabric seating for more hygienic vinyl alternatives.

Beyond the item list of what’s being moved in and out of offices, the way in which the modern workplaces evolve is also changing, and for the better.

It has become clear in recent years, and this year in particular, that the planet will turn on us quickly if we fail to take care of it

We all need to do our part, including how we source and dispose of office furniture. The skip should no longer be an option.

The planet will turn on us quickly if we fail to take care of it.

Modern businesses must find ways to reuse rather than replace, and where they can’t repurpose they can enlist the services of a company like ours which will find new homes for old items and help with ethical sources for new items.

Not only is ‘reuse and recycle’ a cost-effective way of upgrading your workplace, it’s good CSR, too. Green credentials are proven to attract potential customers and employees. And last but not least, the more we care for our planet, the fewer global catastrophes we will create in the future.

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