Amey adopts CheckedSafe's digital fleet compliance app

Public services provider Amey has agreed terms with Burnley-based app developer CheckedSafe to use its software to carry out daily digital compliance checks on its fleet of more than 2,500 commercial vehicles.

checkedsafe-ameyAll commercial vehicles require a daily walk around check prior to service and such checks have been mandatory since 1995. These checks have traditionally been carried out on paper - a process that is both time-consuming and expensive.

Looking for a solution to this industry-wide challenge, Amey carried out a feasibility study into managing such checks digitally. It identified eight companies as possible solution providers, and after a series of rigorous tests CheckedSafe was chosen as the preferred supplier.

By moving to a digital system Amey's fleet managers will now be able to monitor all daily checks at the click of a button, and will have added insights into where the checks were carried out, how long they took, and what if any defects were identified. The system uses existing kit, namely smartphones or tablets, and requires no additional capital investment.

Tom Lawless, Amey's fleet and plant director, commented: “Early adoption of this new application demonstrates Amey’s commitment to investing in new technology which supports our strategic objectives of improving our overall vehicle compliance and health and safety performance. We are delighted to be working with CheckedSafe and are confident that we are partnering with an organisation who understand our needs.”


Darran Harris, director of CheckedSafe, added: "We are especially pleased to have won this contract with Amey - a leading name in the engineering sector and a company with an extremely diverse fleet.

"It is a fact that 85 per cent of defects found at a roadside inspection by DVSA could have been avoided by a proper walk round check. By utilising existing technology and converting the old paper based check into a digital check we realised we could improve overall compliance and properly police the system. "As the DVSA and the regulatory bodies move into the digital arena it is only a matter of time before all operators will have to do the same. The fact that Amey recognises this demonstrates that it's a forward thinking organisation and one that's ahead of the curve."