Altius Group enjoys strong start to Q1

Altius Group have made a strong start to the first quarter of 2021, completing a record 74 transactions in the first three months. In addition to our completions we have agreed sales on a significant number of businesses with a strong pipeline of deals due to complete in Q2.

The Group has also seen a 60% increase in buyer enquiries for new business opportunities across all sectors and buyers recognise the growth potential offered in 2021.  

The Group, which consists of Redwoods Dowling Kerr, Kings and Bruce & Co, published their respective 2021 market reports in January. In those reports, we predicted that this year will be a strong year for M&A activity, and we are in line with our expectations, which are starting to be met with a variety of deals announced throughout the UK.

At the end of 2021, the Group has achieved the following:

Redwoods Dowling Kerr

Childcare and Education

The childcare team have enjoyed an exceptional first quarter of 2021. Our industry leading negotiators have completed 28 deals so far including 12 in March, which represents a new company record for ourselves. In recent weeks, we have sold The Rainbow Montessori in Reading, Tarleton Day Nursery in Preston, and Playbox Day Nursery located in Derbyshire.

In addition, RDK have received an increase in buyer enquiries looking to acquire childcare settings which surpass pre-Covid levels. This is an excellent achievement by the team and further indication that the market is positive for deal activity in 2021.


Our healthcare division has also enjoyed an excellent start to the year, with 19 deals completed in the first quarter – 10 in March alone, a new record for the team. Highlight deals include Belgravia Care Home in Blackpool, sold to an existing operator and Project Wicker, a group of two historic care homes based in Accrington, purchased by a group of doctors.

Kings and Bruce & Co

It’s also been a strong start for corporate, hospitality and retail businesses, as the team completed 23 combined deals in March. Notable deals included the successful sale of Lee & Homes Funeral Directors, sold to an existing operator, St Andrews B&B in Scotland, and The Carrosserie Company, purchased by a corporate organisation. Buyer enquiries in retail and hospitality sectors have increased as the market is expected to enjoy a ‘staycation boom’, and we have several deals scheduled to complete throughout Q2 and Q3.

CEO, Paul Miller, said: “We’ve had a strong start to Q1 and all divisions of Altius Group have performed well. We’ve completed an impressive 74 deals in the first three months which is an excellent achievement.

“We have expanded the team to meet the surge in demand for our services and to retain our position as the UK’s number one dealmaker. The M&A sector has proven to be highly resilient after a challenging 2020 and we expect the volume of acquisitions to rise throughout the course of 2021.”

Sales and marketing director, Andrew Steen, said: “The Group have enjoyed a positive start to Q1, with an array of deals completed in various SME and corporate sectors.

“The team has expanded to meet the increase in buyers looking to acquire businesses and we have several deals in the pipeline scheduled to complete in the coming weeks.

“The outlook for 2021 remains positive and we need to see the respective UK governments deliver on their roadmaps to reopen the economy, which in turn will drive growth and prosperity.”