Aldrock appointed to housing refurbishment project

Blackburn-based Aldrock has been appointed to a multi-million-pound project to refurbish homes in Preston which have been suffering from damp and mould for nearly a decade.

The company has been appointed by National Energy Action to design, procure and oversee the remediation and refurbishment of properties in the Fishwick area of Preston.

The work results from a failed retrofit of external wall insulation in 2013 which affected residents across dozens of homes.

Aldrock has been working with the community to identify issues and create bespoke Scopes of Work to rectify the problems.

Seddon Building Contractors has been appointed as the main contractor and work has now begun on-site.

Guy Shorrock, managing director at Aldrock, said: "We are delighted to be involved in this flagship scheme to address these issues that are far too common in projects of this type.

"We have spent several months working with our client to ensure this project sets the standard for retrofit projects going forward and we look forward to making a difference in the community!

Adam Scorer, chief executive of National Energy Action, said: "As a charity we try to put people at the heart of what we do. It’s important to us that we work closely with people in Fishwick to make sure that we avoid the mistakes of the past.

"Insulation, done well, makes homes warmer and cuts the costs of heating. It was not done well for many in Fishwick and they have paid a heavy price in homes that are not the warm and safe place that they should be.

"We know that we cannot solve all the problems caused in 2013, but we hope to make things better for some of the worst affected households and we will use the experience in Fishwick to press for action for people living in similar conditions across the UK."