Alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Should employers be concerned?

“How can we have a positive approach to helping our staff who may be suffering from a dependency on Alcohol or Drugs, or indeed both,” asks BMI Gisburne Park Hospital’s Dependency Manager, Susan Giles.

The Alcohol & Drug Dependency Centre at BMI Gisburne Park Hospital treats many patients who work in the Lancashire area. The peaceful and rural setting of the hospital is an ideal haven away from the noise and stress of everyday life.

Its success has been built over a 20 year period of looking after patients who require supportive therapy and medical treatment. Dependency is a physical, psychological, social and emotional condition which responds well to this type of treatment.

Giving employers the confidence to make that first call and to gain an understanding of how the programme works can be a big step forward in helping people to recover from their condition.

Susan Giles
BMI Gisburne Park Hospital