Airport loses opening hours tussle

The airport had tried to ban flights before 7am and after 9pm, with Jet2 saying this contravened the 15-year contract the two had agreed.

Tensions peaked in October 2010 when the airport diverted two Jet2 flights to Manchester at the last minute which the airline argued proved costly and inconvenienced the passengers.

A High Court ruling agreed and Lord Justice Moore-Bick said the airport had been contractually obliged to do all it reasonably could to help Jet2’s growth and prosperity, which included keeping the airport open outside normal working hours, subject to its own right to protect financial interests.

Many residents of Blackpool and surrounding areas had hoped to see the airport developed into a strong regional hub, especially since the introduction of a £10 airport development fee. However, the company is 95 per cent owned by Balfour Beatty, leading many to believe using the land for building homes is a more likely eventuality.

Blackpool Airport didn't speak to the media after the ruling, and Jet2 said: “We are committed to Blackpool Airport and delighted that this verdict has cleared up any uncertainty for passengers wanting to travel to top European destinations. We’re here to stay.”